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Electrical failure on my 2015

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Hello, I was just taking my Grom on the highway at night for a little spin to stretch its legs, and then all visible electronics except the headlight and license plate light suddenly turned off while riding. Gauge instruments, signals, brake/tail… everything.

The only thing is the engine still ran (spark plug and alternator therefore OK), and I had a headlight. The fuses all look good to me. Does anyone know what could have possibly happened?
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Has anyone else had the situation in the title happen to them? I’m running a 2015 Grom, and kept blowing my middle 10A fuse responsible for ignition (not the one with the rear taillight on it). After unplugging several things and trying to start the bike, unplugging the TPS seemed to solve the fuse problem.

I’d just run it like that, except with no TPS the ol’ hog runs suuuper dirty. I’m curious if this is more indicative of a harness problem or just a bad TPS. Thanks, and any help will be appreciated.
It may be different but on the latest Grom the TPS has three wires. Green is ground, yellow and orange provides power and yellow is the return signal wire. If you can just disconnect the yellow and orange, (or the wire that reads as having a 12 volt supply at the connector pin if its not yellow and orange) and it still blows the fuse its a fair bet that the short is NOT in the throttle position sensor itself but in the loom or the ECM. As the TPS is the most likely culprit you could try and find a second hand one to substitute.
OK so now it’s not even the throttle position sensor. This flipping fuse is turning tricks and I don’t like it. I’ve tried everything except ripping out the whole harness and redoing the insulation. GOD I don’t want to do that, but I think it’s next.

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Sometimes the fuse blows as soon as I turn the key, and sometimes it blows 20min into a ride. I’m going insane!

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Well, I re-wrapped the wire harness, didn’t find anything suspect, and the fuse doesn’t blow anymore. I am disappointed, because I still don’t know if it’s fixed or if it just quit acting up for a bit.

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