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I started riding motorcycles since June 2004, reason for this I was getting sick of traffic. At the time I needed to commute between The Hague and Utrecht, which was about 140 km. Started on a Yamaha XJ600s. After that I owned a Honda VFR800, BMW R1150GS and Honda CB1000RA.

For my old job (Optiver) I have been working in Amsterdam-Zuid for the last 5 1/2 year. Here it was 5 1/2 years of public transport with a rare bike ride to work. The CB1000RA has been stolen and recovered once. This made me decide to store it in a garage in the neighborhood. But looking back at the last 2 years I owned it I only put 5000 km on it.

Last year I started working at the Technical University of Delft. Looking at the lack of use of the Honda CB1000RA. I wanted something that I could store close to home, cheap to run and fun to ride. So goodbye Honda CB1000RA, enter the Honda MSX 125.

by Arthur van Reijn, on Flickr

In the first month of owning it I have bought and replaced:
- Metzler Feel Free rubber
- Evotech Tailtidy
- Akrapovic complete exhaust system (db killer removed)
- Put a 1100 km on it

In future I might be looking at suspension and brake lines.

Thinking about but not really committing to a BBK conversion as first it needs to be reliable. As I am not convinced that it will be reliable as the stock engine.

Grommit by Arthur van Reijn, on Flickr

Edit: I will try and collect all my bills for maintenance and I try to keep track of fuel consumption.

Honda MSX 125 - 3350 Euro (Honda dealership)

Full Akrapovic - 704 Euro (Ebay - BikersTopBrand)
Evotech Tailtidy - 80 Euro (Evotech directly)
Metzler FeelFree - 200 Euro (Tyres/balance/mount)
CB1000R mirrors - 25 Euro
1st service 1000 km - 64 Euro

Insurance "All risk" including theft (3 years full pay list price) (not sure how to translate this) - 13 Euro/month

Fuel consumption average: 160km per 4 liters costing me +/- 6 euro

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I've lived just at the other side of the Zuider Amstelkanaal for 10 years before moving to Bussum and back to France, guess we've been neighbors at some point.
Never touched a motorcycle in Holland, too scared of all the ''wegpiraten'', especially on a monkey bike... :wink:

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Welcome to the site.

Parked next to my Grom is a CB1000R. Great bike, but the Grom is my first choice usually.
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