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dumb O2 sensor question, installing the bund on exhaust pipe?

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dumb O2 sensor question, installing the bung on exhaust pipe?

Do you drill a small hole into your exhaust pipe so the sensor takes a reading of the exhaust gas? I assume that is how it works! I guess you would drill a hole the size of the sensor tip and then weld the bung unit that holds the sensor over the hole that you just drilled. Never done a PC package before and wanted to make sure I'm doing it right.
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Once you have a bung take it to a welder that can do stainless steel and he will take care of it for you. When i did it i think i drilled an 18mm hole and welded the bung on. Then you just screw the o2 sensor into the threaded bung. I had to make a spacer on my lathe so the o2 sensor didnt sit so low in the exhaust pipe and restrict the flow too much.

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Lots of YouTube videos on how to install an O2 bung
Thanks Norcal and Snakeibf
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