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Do it yourself Oil Change questions

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So I've decided to do my own oil change as the dealer is too far and will probably charge me alot anyway....even though a friend did suggest I use them during the warranty period.

What type (brand & model) of torque wrench can I get online so I can tighten back the bolt at the recommended torque? I will also probably use it on other bolts that need torquing.

Where can I get an original new sealing washer to put on the drain bolt?

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A torque wrench is not necessary to tighten an oil drain bolt. Trust can do it!

An onwers manual typically says things like "If you DO change your own oil against our recommendations we highly recommend you bring your vehicle to an authorized dealer so he can properly check the torque of the drain bolt as soon as possible so your sorry assed effort wont result in catastrophic engine failure."

My son in law just bought a new pickup truck and the guy WHO SOLD HIM THE EXTENDED WARRANTY said synthetic oil was not authorized for his vehicle.


I have NEVER replaced a sealing washer and Ive been changing oil in every vehicle Ive owned for 40 + years. Ive never seen a used one leak.

So There!
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Whats 24Nm?
Nm are the metric equivelent of foot pounds.

24 nm = ~17 ft lbs.
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