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So the changes I did was GromFatherZ adjustable cam chain tensioner, GFZ HD cylinder/head rods, GFZ speed spacer on my stripped 2014 wheels, rebalance Shinko 007 tires, install rebuilt HD Kitaco crank with new HD rod, new Takegawa 181-4v piston.

On the Takegawa 181-4v piston I contacted them "JapanWebike" to ask if the piston was forged or cast since their kit shows forged piston and their replacement piston shows part number for the 181-4vR kit. They told me that the piston is cast and will change the add to reflect that.

The Takegawa head had it's valves relapped and polished and I reinstalled the Takegawa 10/10D cam since I like it better than the 15/15D cam for my style of riding with a lot of mid range torque thur the Hills.

the stripped down stock 2014 wheels with Shinko 007 tires. The tire size is 140/70-12 on the rear and 110/70-12 up front since Shinko does not have a 120/70-12 tires made for the groms front.
IMG_5349 copy.jpg

Still using my open mouth Shark DIY airbox with BMC washable air filter
IMG_5350 copy.jpg

Rear Shinko 007 140/70-12 rear tire and still loving my 183 Finbro full exhaust system
IMG_5351 copy.jpg

GromFatherZ adjustable cam chain tensioner unit, pricey but worth it to me.
IMG_5352 copy.jpg

Removed OEM sensor in the head and plug the hole up with a 12mm plug
IMG_5353.JPG IMG_5354 copy.jpg
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