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As this is the only motorcycle related forum i frequent (even though I ditched the grom 2 years ago), im posting anyway!

Last monday (sept30) I managed to hit a deer with my bike (06 KTM EXC). Most deer vs bike stories dont turn out well, but not this one. Hit him in the hid legs, breaking them both at the 'knee', while I careened off towards the other ditch. Managed to save it, maybe touching the gavel, but keeping it on two wheels. Shooken, i stopped and checked for damage... none that i could see (it was dark out, ~8:30). Drove it the last mile home (only going about 30mph this time) and to my surprise, everything looked fine.

A week later, Ive got a small bruise on my stomach (I hit the handlebars?), and a bruise on my shin as it hit my footpeg.

Am I lucky? Probably. But if I had taken another 30 seconds at the gas station, i wouldnt have seen my friend drive by, stopped to talk to him, and been driving near the deer. Or maybe if I had been going the actual speed limit for most of my ride, id have been late to see the deer as he decided to cross the road. Life is what it is. Dont be an idiot, wear your helmet (and at least some sort of protective clothing).

Bottomed the front forks out, and the fender took the hit. This is a tire mark.

And links to pics of the dead deer. For those who dont enjoy seeing dead animals.
Friend came out and we gutted it. Gonna have some steaks and hotsticks for this fall. And some horns to hang. :)
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