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So on Saturday my friend is having a birthday party at the beach in Santa Cruz and I decided to ride my 99 ZX6r over there so I pulled it out of storage and start it up and warm it up for about 2 minutes and the bike quits running. Try to start it for about 5 minutes and no go so I start taking apart the ZX and notice the fuel filter looks clog but you can still blow through the filter with no problem. The washable air filter looks ok but needed cleaning.

I took apart the carb system since this ZX6r hasn't been started in 6 months except for the battery being charged.

I think this was the main problem, the spark plug has not been changed since 2010 so I replaced the NGK CR9E with new CR9EIX same plugs as I use on my Takegawa grom engine
dirty plug since 2010.jpg

taking off the airbox and labeling the hose and cables
fuel tank off ZX6r.jpg

after building and fixing the groms this bike is EZ to take apart
label hose airbox.jpg

plug holes label hose.jpg

I had to make sure the cylinder holes where plug with something since I did not want any junk to fall into the cylinder or spark plug holes. I took out my vacuum and sucked the junk and dust and sand and stuff away from the spark plug holes and areas around the carb and engine bay.
carb removed.jpg

carb is out, checking the little filter that goes in the feed hole for the carbs and the tinny filter looks clean with no sludge and removing one of the float bowl all looks good. You can see the fuel filter next to the carbs, I decided to order a new gas filter via Amazon.
carbs out.jpg

One thing neat about the older bikes esp 1999 etc, they come with the basic tools in a tool pouch esp the special made spark plug removal tool for the ZX6r.

The only problem I had with tooling is that I had to make a special screw driver setup to unscrew the retainer rings for the carbs that were tucked away under the float bowl area and hard to reach. I took a philp screw tip and tapped it to a flex hose and took one of my drone tools and attached it to the other end of my flex hose using tape.
adjustable screw driver.jpg
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