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Its about time I do this, my grom is almost finished for now. At the end of august I picked up my grom. My dealer recieved one, and have yet to get abother.

Here it is after dealer setup.

First thing I did to it was install a yoshimura fender eliminator kit.

Next I ordered white tank shrouds from tyga.

Finally I got sick of the stock bars so I stole the pro tapers from my crf pit bike. They did not have enough room for the controlls, so I cut an inch out of the grips. I also added some billet mirrors and an H2C flyscreen.

I then ordered up a OEM under cowl and a low mount exhaust from a shop in thailand.

Next i got a thai spec headlight. Love the look.

Next came turn signals. I couldnt figure out a way to out my new rear signals on my yoshi FE kit. So I strarted loooking around the shop and ended upnmaking my own kit. Flush mount fronts, and small rears.

Next came a kitaco carbon seat cowl and some billet levers.

Then I got a different exhaust and a set of klx110 pro tapers.

My rear sets from and my MNNTHBX FE kit showed up on the same day.

And then I got Composimo racebarz.

Composimo 6" stretch and 2" lowering link.

UPDATE: 03/20/2014

A few things have happened since I last updated this thread. I decided I didn't care for the stretch and wanted to go back to the race bike look. Also I wanted to put a steering stabilizer on, and the mnnthbx setup was the only one on the market at the time. So I put the mnnthbx clamp with scotts damper and renthal fatbars. Also, I ditched the rear cowl as I've had my eye on the tyga for some time. Finally, my mnnthbx exhaust showed up today. I also have a renthal gold chain to put on as soon as winter leaves.

More to come.

I hope you all enjoy my Grom as much as I do!

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I put them on last night and its been storming like its the end of the world. So hopefully this afternoon it clears up and I'll let you know. Just sitting on the bike and from the little rode around the block I really like them.

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