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March 9th the first Sunday of Bike Week.

Seeing that nothing's came up yet and I know some of us would like to meet up and ride together.

I picked out a central spot that us guys/girls coming up from the south area along with the Orlando guys could all group together at.

650 Cheney Hwy
Titusville, FL 32780
United States

It's in a sonics parking lot for those of you that might be hungry plus it's a big parking lot that isn't far off US1 for those heading north. After we group up we can ride down 50 to US1 and head north up US1 till we can decide on a stopping/regrouping point along the way for those who might be behind or separated from traffic. After we pick a second meeting spot along the way we could all go down Main Street and park somewhere around the area and all go our own way if we so choose or possible do the loop for anyone that's interested. None of this is set in stone but figured I'd get this going so we can have an idea of what's going on if nothing else comes up.

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