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Cylinder temperature

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Just recently build a grom with the dhm kit.
installed the supplied oil cooler. A high flow koso oil pump and a few other supporting mods. I purchased a nordix cylinder head tempature sensor on Amazon. It reads the temperature from the spark plug. At wot or running the bike hard the temps quickly climb over 120 Celsius. It won’t read any higher. Is 120 or hotter in the danger zone? I feel I may be in a safe operating temperature but my guage I bought doesn’t read hot enough temps. Any feedback would be appreciated
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Thanks guys. I have since ditched the spark plug temp sensor and went with an oil temp sensor that read the oil from the drain plug. Koso makes the sensor.
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I found with thermal imaging that the stock oil temp sensor is inline with drainbolt temp by just a few degrees. I suppose I was only able to verify that with the bike on the stand though. However after only idling as well as running out the motor a little, temps were still inline with one another.
That is really good to know! At least we know getting oil temp from the drain plug should be fairly accurate
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