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Corbin seats pics.

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i think i will bite the bullet and place an order soon, but i was looking at the ordering page options.

how did u decide and what u wanted with seeing it first?

should i go leather or vinyl? i think leather.

which texture? snake skin, carbon fiber, ostrich, alligator. carbonuim. i think i want CF or snake skin

i know that u can get designs in them too. i would love flames, but i think they only offer a diamond pattern?

which material should the side panels be?

I know there are a few of ya.lll out there. can u please take macro shots up close to the material, how long u have had it and how many miles have you ridden on it.

thanks. i tried calling them today but they were closed!
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I like the look of snake skin that is why I went with the light gray snake. For me I don't like piping, one less item to irritate my hamstring area of my leg

I ordered my second Corbin seat,dark gray snake skin on May 15 and I called Corbin up today to let them know I'm picking my seat up and don't ship my seat out. Shipping is about $20 and it cost $4.10 to fill up the Grom and ride out to Hollister and back home again plus an excuse to ride.
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