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G’day Grommits and Monkeys,

I have been a Grom owner for 2 years now. Recently the Australian government banned the sale of motorbikes without dual channel ABS. And seen as I had a grom I thought I had better by a monkey too. Unfortunately in the Northern Territory, Darwin there were no monkeys left. “No problem, I’ll just buy one in Perth and ride it home”

For anyone who hasn’t been or lived in Australia I am taking the scenic route which is, I think about 5,500km (~3500 miles). Oh and also I brought my surfboard, kiteboard and skateboarding. So I am keeping busy along the way.

Anyway I have been loving the monkey so far and have been documenting with videos on YouTube. Here’s the first 2 vids:

Can it be done?

Waiting on the Warmth

Channel, Lines in the Sand (LITS)

Peace and much love,
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