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Hey guys,

Seems like there are a ton of threads on the use of Composimo's original design TT (with Lic. Plate) with the OEM blinkers... and reports that the right blinker comes in contact with the stock exhaust pipe (no bueno). Well, with the help of a friend I think we found a way to make it work.

There's about maybe a 1/4 inch of clearance between the right blinker and the stock exhaust pipe after we finished installing everything. I'll see how it holds up in the next week or so, but I think it's going to be fine.
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The 1st and 3rd photos are pretty much he same, but just in different lighting. The middle photo shows the clearance spacing after the installation.

The first thing to do is mount the blinkers to the TT. You'll have to use the smaller hole (closer to the lic plate). You won't get a flush mounting since the blinker bolt extends out of the rubber mold piece, but they will mount straight and secure. You'll have to get rid of the metal alignment bracket since it won't clear the lic plate bracket due to using the smaller hole.

Next is the license plate light... The bolts for the lic plate will need to be angled a smidge (it's not clear in the pic but the two lic bolts are in contact with the blinker nuts). This actually worked out perfectly since the lic plate nuts are too small for the TT holes that are allocated for them. So the lic bolts are catching on the TT bracket holes and the contact with the blinker nuts are creating a nice sturdy install. It helps that the materials are all high quality and the nuts have that plastic lining in the threads so vibrations shouldn't be any issues.

I'm sure I might be butchering this explanation, so please feel free to ask any questions.

If a 1/4" clearance is enough (which I think it will be), then I should be good to go. I'll report back after a week or so of riding to see if I deal with any melting...

No doubt the the OEM MSX125 blinkers are nice, but I'm not ready to spend the $ on those just yet.

Good luck!
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