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ComposiMo Tiddy Tail Install pics for the U.S/ Chili Pepper Tail light model.

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I only saw a thread for the model that was able to use the Thai rear blinkers, so when I installed mine today I took some pics as I was doing, figured I'd be able to maybe help one person.

I didnt follow the break down process of the original fender. that has been shown by a few other users. felt no need to go back over something that can be found on another thread. if i come across it again tomorrow i will add a link below.

This is what you should start out with. now note I am using aftermarket tails at the moment, I wanted to shorten the stock tail light rubbers, so i ordered from honda, and was told back ordered to december. I do need to get on the road, so I ordered what you see to get me over until my parts arrive.

heres what you should start out with

1. Tiddy Tail main bracket
2. Rear end harness from bike along with the plate light, rubber gasket, both nuts, and 2 washers with a type of riser on it (you understand once you see them.)
3. left tail light
4. right tail light
5. package of hardware
6. license plate bracket (optional if you bought with kit)

Step 1:
I bought the tails to use like I said above to use for now. since they were colored wires, i went ahead and electrical taped them all the way up, leaving 3 inches or so on the end unwrapped.
Note: when you break down your original tails, its a good idea to just put a piece of tape on them to mark which is left, which is right. Also a good tip is where the 2 furthest back bolts that hold the original fender are, place a piece of tape on the exposed frame, believe me even if your cautious, you might drop one of the bolts down there. unless u have a magnet wand like me, its not fun.

Now I ran the left on the left, and right on the right, and hand tightened for now ( its best to tighten down the lights when on the bike so you can make sure they are where you'd like them to be.

Step 2: (skip if you did not buy the plate frame option)
Next up you have to install the license plate light. you add the gasket through the plate then ad the plate light from the back, from the back add the riser washers, and the nuts and tighten. wires go through the middle hole as shown.

picture above is after, and shows how it is properly installed, notice the curve of the frame above the light. make sure yours looks like this as this is the propper way.
Below is a picture showing the tails hand tightened in and how they run, as well as a mockup on how the Tiddy tail will look on the bike once flipped 180 degrees and installed.

Step 3:
Put that bad boy on! I started with the 2 bolts closest to the front of the bike. its best to start with allen side showing from the bottom of the bike... Bolt, Washer, through the frame, washer, nut. do this for both.. Hand tighten for now.

Step 4:
Now install the plate frame bracket (optional do if you bought.) below is a mockup on how it would look after being installed on the bike.

Bolt, washer, through plate frame, through Tiddy tail frame, through frame, washer, nut. hand tighten again. do this for both remaining bolts.
below shows how to run the wiring into the frame at the same location you removed it from.

Step 5:

Tighten all 4 bolts and nuts now.
Suggestion: buy a cheap $7.99 set of socket allens at harbor freight that are metric. all 4 of the big allen bolts are a 6mm. the nuts are a 13mm.
wire up your tail lights, make sure that left blinks left, right blinks right. make sure you tuck the extra harness away. I did so by just folding it and storing it along the factory side where it is ran. you will have extra harness. remember you removed the fender and brought back the license plate light a great deal, this accounts for the extra slack,


also included was 2 more bolts, 4 more washers, and 2 more nuts. these are to hold the plate on.
I personally used some old frame bolts from my last 3 builds of vehicles I owned.

Hope this helps at least 1 person.
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Thank you for the how-to guide. Excellent pictures too!
I will be installing mine this weekend with your help.


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