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I have a 2019 Monkey and a 2022 Grom and was going to swap rims when I realized the rear rims are different and the two bikes have different spacers. I thought I could just swap spacers with the wheels but the width of the caliper bracket is also different so it won't align the pads correctly.

I read somewhere else that the Grom and Monkey have the same rims, so my question is do they? And if so does that mean the '22 Grom is different than the '20 Grom?

Here are some pics of the differences. If someone can take a look at their '19 or older Grom that would help me figure out what is and isn't compatible.

2022 Grom Rear Hub
Wheel Tire Automotive tire Locking hubs Hubcap

2019 Monkey Rear Hub
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Automotive wheel system Bicycle drivetrain part

2019 Monkey spacers on the right
Automotive tire Nickel Gas Cylinder Composite material

2022 Grom caliper bracket
Hand tool Circuit component Wood Rectangle Font

2019 Monkey caliper bracket
Automotive tire Ruler Wood Font Saw
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