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I have done many things to a bike, but this is one thing I haven't ever messed with a clutch rebuild.

No idea how long the oem grom clutch will last

My old ninja 250 was still going strong at 18k miles before I sold it

Would 50k be a reasonable number to shot for the grom?

Replacing all the plates and friction plates looks like lots of room for error

by not knowing which plate goes where and in which order

Its to bad the don't sell a already assembled clutch that just goes right in

or swaps in and out with 1 bolt or do they make one? All I have found are kits

maybe its not as tricky as it looks or as im thinking

Hopefully in the future another grom rider can share his clutch rebuild experience/tutorial

I have searched but found nothing so far about this

Here is a pic of the assembly for reference

Auto part Text Automotive engine part Line art Axle part

again which plate goes where?
are all the plates the same so it doesn't matter? I thought each plate is slightly different?

Here are some reference pictures of clutch kits I found availible
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Text Font Line

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It's much simpler than it looks. If you can clean your oil spinner you can change your clutch. All steel plates are the same. The innermost and outermost friction plates are the same, and the middle friction plates are the same. It comes on and off with three bolts once you have the clutch cover off. Just soak the friction plates in new m/c engine oil for at least 30 min before you put them in, and face all the rounded edges of the steel plates the same way. If you have any doubts, remove one plate at a time and set them in order. Then match each new one up as you put them in the bike.
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