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So apparently it seems I am the only one thus far to have had any issues with the clutch. Adjusted the cable on both
Ends multiple times and got the perfect amount of free play, but still no dice. Just slipping. So....

My buddy opened it up and to know surprise the plates were smoked, completely black. Why? My fault? Defective? Doesn't matter now. I got a hold of honda to check on warranty of this kind of thing. Basically No go on warranty coverage. Wearable item? Damn! Had the grom less then 3weeks with only 1xx miles on it.

To replace the clutch kit with stock OEM honda clutch; plates, fibers, springs the whole shazam. $97.00 Not bad.

Spoke with EBC and they already have part numbers for a aftermarket clutch kit specific for the grom. They said in the next month or two it will be released. Super stoked on that.

What do you guys prefer?
Honda clutch?

So I'm posting this to reach out with anyone else with similar issues or just people's interest.

Sorry for the novel

Where did you get your clutch it from? With the plates, fibers, springs and the whole lot?
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