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So i wanted to ride on them for a while in all types of weather and in both urban and rural roads. I went from the stock V tires to these because at the time I had an office job and just had to get back and forth to work and not worry about the in between time.
Compared to the stock V tires they do alot better with debris in the corners; sand and some smaller gravel. With rain and wet roads; there was a noticeable difference. This was riding the same route as i normally did on the V tires. The advantage that the v tires had vs the city grip is lean angel. With the stock v tires i had a greater stable lean angle vs the city grip. With the city grip tires I could feel a little wobble when i leaned to much.
The tire profile on the V tire is more rounded vs the city grip tire having a more flat profile.
Judgement. Meh, would be a good set of bad weather tires to have or if your route has debris. Not a performance tire, more of a commute tire for all conditions.
Not sure of next set of tires. Welcome recommendations for more of a performance tire.
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