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Cheap mods great results...

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So I havent bothered to check my speeds etc since a few weeks ago and this week ive made a few mods so I thought I would check it again today... holy shit... better than I ever expected...

Gps top speed no tuck 65.2 mph (105kph) and in a tuck 74mph (120kph)

Aside drim this the bike is more torquey and much more fun to ride as it revs through the gears much faster and is much more responsive.

14t front sproket
36t rear sproket (required new chain)
Removed all airbox tubes including snorkel intake tube into the airbox
Removed mesh on back of filter
Run 98 octain fuel
Full race exhaust with twin carbon pipes

The pipes have had baffles in them ever since I bought them I took them out and this has made a HUGE difference... the airbox mod also made significant difference to how the bike pulled... and the sprocket changes seem to have made the bikes power much more accessible. Im easily getting to the rev limiter in 4th now even when 2 up where this was very difficult solo and impossible 2up before...

No serious mods, the lot cost me about $45 in parts and labor (but I am in thailand so not sure - I didnt fit anything myself as I dont have any tools at the moment.)

Highly recommend these changes to spice up your ride ^^

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It will run better on lower octane fuel, as it will burn easier in this low performance engine.
I didn't know that. Thanks for the intel. Gonna gas up with the cheap stuff next full up! Thanks dude!

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