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Before I continue, be it known that I am the kind of guy who uses the proper tools for the job. I have a full set of Pitbull Stands for my Kawasaki Versys.

Since the Grom does not have a tapped hole for spools (I know there is a kit to spool them with the end cap), I have not purchased a stand for the Grom yet.

I needed to give the chain her first lube... Dupont Chain Saver is my preference for chain lube. Dry with no fling!

With the Grom being so small and having a short stature, I was easily able to cobble together a quick and stable lift.

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Rim Auto part

(2) Gallon Paint Cans
(2) 2X4's

1. Stack 2X4's one on each can edges lining up as shown.
2. Kickstand UP!
3. Lean her to the left and use your foot to slide the right can in place carfeul not to come in too close to the disc brake. Also be sure the wood and can are centered at the rear of the swingarm fore and aft.
4. Lean her right (lifting the tire off the ground) and slide the second can in from the left keeping the 2X4 from touching the sprocket/chain.
5. Your Grom is now happily perched for chain lube!

Reverse order for bringing her back to earth. Very easy to do with one person.

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I flipped mine over like that when I did my first oil change. Took forever to drain......
Next time remove the fill plug first. Worked really well for me but got a little oil on the seat as it drained out.
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