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I just completed my install of a 12V All Weather Socket up front.

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I sleeved my Red +12V wire in 1/4" black nylon tubing for looks and extra protection. I purchased the mount from TwistedThrottle PN CPA.00.006.160, and the All Weather Power Socket from Amazon. I did paint the bushings that came with the SW Motech kit black before installing.

I wired it with an inline fuse right at the battery (always hot) so I can use my battery tender with the cigarette socket attachment. No more removing the seat! I also have a place to power my GPS or anything else like cell phones etc.

I have this same socket on my Kawasaki Versys and has been in use for 3 years with no problems. I really like this style due to the spring loaded cap.

One area of caution.... I do not believe there is room to use the SW Motech socket due to the depth behind the mount. The mount works fine as shown but the reason this setup works is the cap is much higher above the mount (instead of flush) so the rest of the socket below the mount clears the triple tree.
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