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can we get a NOOB question thread please?

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i am addicted to the forum and i read just about 90% of the threads but what is up with the same questions being asked over and over.. or simple questions.. over at TotalRuckus we setup a NOOB thread so anyone looking for a quick answer could post.. especially now that we have more and more new grom owners.. some of the questions i have seen lately make no sense because they were just discussed a week or few days ago.. no need to start a brand new thread..

make sense? :) mods/admins? :)
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Most "Questions" threads work alright, because it's the place that repeated questions get put, instead of spamming up the boards.

No one really looks through the whole thing unless they want to... and it's okay to post the same questions over and over again. I usually only check the last couple of pages and answer and unanswered questions.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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