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Can Navy person get one from Tokyo base exchange?

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I wonder if you can get one from Tokyo at a Military base exchange. In 1968 and 1969 I bought US modelHonda motorcycles in Tokyo, put them on the Navy ship I was on, and brought themback to San Diego. Several of us did that then. I had a Honda CL450 in the states 3 months before American dealersgot them. No one had seen them or knew about them. Just wondering. Know any Navy person on a ship going to Japanfor R&R. LOL
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I was in the Navy and we could get anything that the base Navy Exchange had or if they had special deals with the local sales store. My friends use to buy motorcycle over seas and ship it back. We even had one stored on our Destroyer that one of the sailors asked the captain if he could store on board the ship. We secured the motorcycle after wiping it down with grease and wrapped the MC to protect it from the salty sea water and the elements. I was on the John S McCain DDG-36
My dad bought me back a puppy poodle back in the 60's in a Navy Destroyer ship from Japan. He always bring me back thing from were he has deployed. Japanese Pachinco game, bicycle, metal toy figures and best of all was bags of "M&M's" chocolate. I was the first one the neighborhood to have a poodle. My cousins were always at my house trying to play with it. Of course living in the Philippines back in them days was like owning a Honda Grom. """"""RARE"""""! Anyways, you can probably order one from Okinawa Japan. I don't thing the Exchange or PX will have one. Any military personnel can bring one back for you as long as they are deploy in the same location. The shipping is free for them and also probably would not have any problem at registrations. I thing that Military personnel are Excempt on vehichle coming from other countries. Not 100% sure, unless rules have change.
While in the Marine Corps I was stationed in Okinawa for four years. Bought a Yamaha 400 which I rode all over the island. Later, while still on Okinawa I bought a Suzuki GS750 and a GS1100. Shipped the 1100 when I left for stateside. Bike cost me around $1800.00 and the shipping was free w/ my household goods. Had a few friends do the same. Okinawa was a great place to ride. Lot's of twisty mountain roads up north. Lot's of excellent Okinawan riders. The Grom would be an absolute blast in Okinawa. Gotta go back some day.
I bought a bike while over seas and brought it back to the states back in 93. Semper Fi
You crazy ass military guys are my bread and butter. Love y'all.
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I am stationed in Germany and bought my MSX 125 back in May (#1 on the list in Trier). Shipping in my household goods is free. The only problem is getting the Certificate of Confromancy (COC) for the US if you intend on bringing it back and registering it. I checked on the EPA's website and it does say you can apply for one as long as the same model exists in the states already. Since there are only small differences with the grom such as the extra sensor on the intake manifold and headlight assembly I don't see this being much of a problem. The great thing is I didn't have to pay tax. I got mine for 2500 Euro OTD which was about $3200 at the time. The only motorcycles you can get from the exchange here are Harleys.
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