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Can a stock grom cam be grounded to a performance cam duration such as Crowner?

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I was wondering if a stock grom cam be grounded/mod to a performance cam duration such as some of these other performance cams coming out for the Grom and if so who can I send my cam to and what is the price range to have it re-grounded or is it better to buy one from these performance cam manufacturers.

If it can be done does anyone know of a place in Northern Calif that will do it if not who is the best in the country for that or can BrianS and his team do it!!!!

I know it might be a dumb questions for some members here but I'm sure other Grom owners are wondering about this also.

Ride safe all
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Oh, them yes. I was thinking you might have asked to just grind down. The professionals CAN add material using a particular process. Sort of like welding material on and then machining back down. It would be a good idea to compare if you are looking to keep it less expensive.

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You don't necessarily have to weld on more material to get more lift/duration. Simple example: if just the round part of the cam is ground down and the valves are adjusted to match, you've effectively increased lift. Obviously, there are limits to this process and nuance when also altering duration.
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