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BTX/StandardFunctions Grom Intake Review

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So a few months ago I caught wind that either BTX or StandardFunctions (can't remember which) was bringing to market an intake they had designed specifically for the Grom. It was made of hard piping, had a provision for the air intake temp sensor and was topped off by a UNI Filter.

When I was considering ordering the intake I had to deal with Ming of Standard Functions. I had a few questions about the intake (does it have a AIT sensor provision, better pics and install instructions, etc.) so I emailed Ming. Getting the questions answered was like pulling teeth with this guy. He finally let me know that it did indeed have a provision for the AIT sensor, he had no pictures aside from one small Instagram picture collage and there were no installation instructions. Fair enough. Against my better judgement I ordered it anyway.

The intake arrived soon enough. I opened the box and was impressed with the intake. The welds appeared sufficient, there was a mounting tab and the finish was nice. There it sat for a few months. Fast forward to today. I went over to a banks619's house and took the Grom body panels off to fit the intake. I put on the rubber piece that connects the intake and the throttle body. Then I went to attached the intake. It was quite a task to get it just right so that you could put it in the coupler. Once inside the coupler I noticed that the mounting tab was just hanging out in the open, not near a mounting point that I could see. So banks pulls up a picture of the intake installed on another Grom. To get the mounting tab in the right place you had to bend the coupler in a way that I was not too comfortable with. Nothing much I can do, just tighten it down and hope it stays. Now I have the mounting tab in the general area it needs to be, but there is no way to get the mounting tab in the right spot without actually bending it. So we bend the tab and bolt that up. Time to slap on the filter and check my fitment. The filter position is TERRIBLE! Not only do the forks compress the filter at full left lock, but the horn in the stock location contacts the filter on left hand turns. So you have to bend the horn as far out the way as you can in hopes that you do not rub a hole in the filter.

On to the ride report. The sounds of the bike is much throatier and I feel like the bike has a little more pep than before.

Overall the quality of the intake is good. With so many minor issues I am kind of perturbed with it. The issues are so minor they could be easily fixed if the maker actually wanted to. I am going to see if an angled UNI Filter will do the trick or possibly see if there is a shorter filter.
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I appreciate the review guys, and I stand behind the products that we sell here at

As far as the fitment issues, I've installed plenty over the course of the months. all of my projects and customers lined up perfectly granted the fit is a really tight one, I'll say that much.

The filter does run a bit long as BTX provided but it was never an issue for me since the contact is very minor and the foam filter will "flex" with contact WHEN the forks are fully turned to the left. (which is really when its parked unless used on a stand of course :peaceful:.)

How are you liking the overall feel of the intake installed?

I for one love this and it plays a major reason to why I even carry this product. The feel at every gear for a 125cc engine, is exactly why I bought this kit for myself. The throttle response is just right and the overall length and design plays its part over a simple airbox removal and filter "slap". I ride with many grom friends on a weekly occasion and lets say this mod compared to a stock air box, has its advantages :blackgrom:
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Once installed, I cant see why there would be any flex as this will sit stationary once the couplers are tightened in place on the throttle body, and the aluminum tab is bolted up to the side of the frame.
If theres a problem with the product, please give me a shout. These being hand made, I doubt it'll be an issue because he hand tests these units before sending them to polish. If this may in fact be a "defective" unit out of all the units I've sold prior, I'll be looking into the situation with your help.

We can send the item back for testing with the manufacturer and if indeed it is off like stated, I will personally replace your unit with a new one and cover the shipping to and from if so. Customer service has always been our thing, I can't let something this small ruin that for me.

lmk boss :peaceful:

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