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Im having Cogent Dynamics custom build me a rear shock. You send them your shock and they hook it up to machines that test it. You tell them what you want the shock to do and they take it from there.

Cogent Dynamics 828 628 9025. [email protected]

Pile O Zuma helped me get it off. Im screwed up physicially but if I know what needs to be done ahead of time I can plan it out. Just do a little at a time. He was a big help and I couldnt have done it without his advice.

One problem that can happen remove the rear shock is once its out the suspension colapses. I came up with a way to solve that. With the jack between the rear wheel and the seat you can adjust the bike so the new shock fits. Its tricky lining things up and getting the bolts in there without having to pick the bike up by the seat so the holes line up.

To remove the rear shock you have to remove the seat, the chain guard, and the left side plastic. The chain guard is three 5 mm allens. The left side plastic is four or five philips screws and one of those plastic reuseable pop rivits. The bottom shock bolt (17mm bolt head 14mm nuts) is TIGHT. Youll probably want a 1/2" drive breaker bar. Ditto the top. The nut for the top bolt you can get a wrench on from the top near the battery. I used a six inch extension and 14mm socket for the top bolt.


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