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BorjaQ's Grom of SPARKLE.motion

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2014 Grom - Red/Black
(Pictures Last Updated 9 Jan 2014)

Land vehicle Vehicle Alloy wheel Automotive tire Motorcycle

Auto part Muffler Suspension

Vehicle Tire Automotive tire Auto part Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire Car

Land vehicle Vehicle Supermoto Motor vehicle Motorcycle

Light Auto part Automotive lighting Headlamp Vehicle

Auto part Engine Fuel line Pipe Vehicle

- 2" Front Fork Lowering & Spring Kit
- Adjustable Bolt In Stretch Kit
- RaceBarZ (Powdercoated Black)
- Throttle Body Clocking Flange
- 6" Rear Lowering Link

- G2 Quick Turn Throttle
- Fender Eliminator w/Integrated Lights

Moto X Thailand
- Faux Header Back Dual Carbon Fiber Yoshimura Exhaust w/Removeable Inserts

Foam Intake

14 Tooth Front Sprocket

Smoked Front LED Signals

LED Electronic Flasher Relay

Folding 3" Side Mirror

Custom Padded Seat

Hyper Motard Frame (Red)

Michelin Power Pure SC Scooter Tires

ProTaper Extended Gold Chain - PT420MX

WPS Fetherweight Lithium Battery

Ohlins Rear Shock - Courtesy Of HardRacing

Random LED Plate Screw Lights

Twisted Throttle Front Fender Extender
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I am about to be so jealous of your bike when you finish it.
Ha ha. I'll be done doing stuff for a bit after the rest of this stuff comes in. I gotta save up and get the Ruckus running again. And thanks.

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Composimo 2" Billet Rear Lowering Link Installed.
Stretch also?

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Did you mean to install the ohlins upside down? Or only way it'd fit with the exhaust?

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Only way with exhaust.

Add: Split header to exhaust limits room.

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Short ride today. Figured I'd snap a current pic with the 6" rear drop.

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Nice weather it was. I should've joined you
hey, how you liking your protaper chain? I just picked one up and have yet to install it. Just want to see what others with it thought about it.
really liking that exhaust! would like some more info on it
Hey Do you scrape your pegs while you ride? looks so good with the 6 inch drop but im fat so idk if i can pull it off
More info on the dual exhaust please! :) Thinking this would make the most sense for high displacement! Can't find it anywhere, custom? Looks sharp!
Search facebook for Moto X Thailand.

Nice guy and great service - but my package (1300USD including postage) from Thailand is now 4.5 weeks waiting and seems to be lost in the mail. Let's see what happens and how it's handled before I recommend him.
Product quality was poor. Both cans cracked where the header enters cans. Still have it if anyone is interested? Umm... $250 obo shipped to lower 48. Comes with O2 bung booger welded on. Pics when I get time.
I am certainly interested. This is for the dual yoshi setup? I am assuming with the poor quality, its not really yoshi?

Bike looks good

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