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Bore up kits and a lot of questions

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So I originally wanted a bore up kit of about 150-160cc but it doesn't seem like that's really a option right now. I've been checking out Brian S's work but I don't think his setup will be as simple as I want.

I'm brand new to performance parts and mods, I want to learn how to fix my grom and upgrade this stuff if I want. I've done a lot of reading but a few things elude me.

The 143cc takegawa kit seems pretty straightforward and simple, adding about 50% more power to the bike and is pretty bolt on with the kit on two brothers website. I'm assuming the upped compression ratio and extra 19cc's of space is where that power comes from. Also at 143cc not a lot has to be done to the bike.

What octane gas would I need for the 11.2:1 CR?

The 181cc takegawa and Brian s kits seem like they will offer a ton more power just because of the bigger displacements, but is feel a lot of the bike isn't setup for that big of a leap so just buy the takegawa kit wouldn't be the only thing I need. I guess I would need one of those $300 bazazz devices? Would I need anything else? What would you guys recommend.

I basically just want to be able to easily cruise at 65 on rare occasions but more importantly most of where I drive is a speed limit of 45mph with mild hills and wind which sometimes makes going faster then 50 impossible. I'm a big guy at 250 lbs, used to be 310 but I've lost a ton so dropping even more weight would improve the bike performance but I also want a bit more.

So far I've done the free air box mod which definitely seemed to help the acceptation, I've got a mnnthbx exhaust coming and that's it.
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Congrats on you weight loss, remember eat 6 or 7 meals per day in small quanties and watch your gluten intake or try to get gluten free flour/rice etc. Water is your best friend and diet this and that on the label means shit, just eat good, chicken, salmon fish, tuna, lean meat, veg. Good luck on the weight lost.

As for big bore kit, I'm getting the BrianS kit, both the 170cc cylinder and the heads reworked. As for the cam I'm switching over to Crower cam and for the ECU upgrade I will use the PCV. The air box mod will be done, not sure yet what exhaust system I will be using since I do not want noise to piss of the neighbors.

As for now my stock Grom will do 60-65-67 mph with my 210 lb weight. I diet down from 225 lbs and hoping to get down to 190-196 lbs.

I look at any project engine build as first do I have the right tools and working area. Second do I have the funds to do the project. Third I research on the internet other people who have done engine work and I would book mark any resource that will be helpful for my build.

A good torque wrench and good set of tools will make your job go EZ and also good lighting. Just remember to finger tight all bolts/nuts first and slowly torque them down, meaning if the torque requirement is 30ft/lbs and you are doing a 4 bolt pattern I would finger tighten all four bolts/nuts than I would start at 10 ft/lb and I would do the first bolt than I would do the bolt in the opposite side than the other bolts sort of like a cross pattern so I put even pressure on the object I'm trying to bolt down. And I would slowly go up to the required torque.

Make sure you have the correct loc-tight glue if need be or gasket sealer and take your time on the job.

For me I have a digital camera and video camera and I would take pic of my project, both before I start the job and after I finish. The picture taking will also help me in figure out how to put the thing back together and what it should look like before and after.

Good Luck.
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