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Just picked up a pair of Bohn Adventure Pants with integral CE armor. I got the lightweight mesh type for riding in Florida. So far, I've been on a few rides and they have held up nicely-- although they are starting to smell like my gentlemen's area. Fit is really good and they're comfortable and breathe well. I wear them under 5.11 Tactical pants, Kuhl Rydr pants, and jeans with no issues. Best part: made in the USA.

I had my eye on the Ugly Bros Motorpool pant for $335, but decided that a pair of these would be more versatile and allow me to be protected more often. They're easy enough to slip off once you're at work, so you don't have to wear them all day. For the money, I think there's a lot of value here-- especially if you hit the deck and it saves you from road rash.

2 thumbs up. Gas it up and burn it down. Braaaaap. Etcetera.

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