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Black Grom Available in Roanoke Virginia

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My dealer has access to 1 more Black Grom at the moment. (He will bring it from a Powerhouse dealer quickly if it has not sold). This Grom could be sold at any time so if interested, act fast. He can take your deposit over the phone via credit card during business hours. This $500 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. He did a straight up deal with me and no surprises. My second new purchase from Star City Powersports.

If you are from Virginia, your Price will be $3576.87 OTD ready to ride w/ tags etc.

If you are out of State, your price should be ~

$2999 Grom
$125 destination
$150 assembly
$119.00 processing

You pay taxes/tags when you get to your home state.

Contact info copied from his email:

Brian Blankenship
contact me directly at 540-339-7538, if I don’t answer then just leave a message. I will require a $500 non-refundable deposit and pick up before the end of month.

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If I were closer I would definitely be interested :(
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