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Better ROI- daniel crowder cams or a PCV?

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i know nothing about cams...

i think i saw cisco post about sending his cam in to get modified.

is that cheaper than just buying their cam?

DCR has them on sale for $160.


if i dont plan on doing BBK, do i need anything else when swapping out cams.

i'm saving up to buy a PCV in a few months, but if i get a cam, that will push the PCV purchase even further.

My top speed when stock was 68! now my top speed after doing airbox, exhaust, and windshield is 65!

i want to go up and not down in speed.
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Is the DCR cam, just a re machined stock cam? Or are their cams built from ground up?

When built from ground up? I think they would be better able to hit dimension tolerances...
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My friend Elizzer or this board said that the ROI is greater with the DCR cam compared to the ROI after he installed the bazzaz w/AFM.

I know that your cam is still @ DCR.

But do you have any past exp? I have a limited budget, and like you said I want to do each upgrade spaced apart so I can see the benefits from each upgrade.

I have the Steady garage intake coming this week... I normally like to put 1-2 tanks on each upgrade so I can see the benefit. Sometimes if you make a snap judgement i.e. ride it around the block, one may make the wrong conclusion like i did after i installed the full Yoshi/ air box mod.

I didn't ride long enough between the mods to single out the issue. I still don't know which caused me to lose top end speed.

I know when i'm able to go fast, because i can hear a higher pitch tone coming from the engine.

Does running too lean = Not enough Air to fuel is max top speed isn't possible?
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Just max the credit card out and get both :)


HAHA… in that case, I'm getting a Corbin Snake skin seat, Ohlin Shock, and race tech internals, brembo front and rear calipers, a 170cc BBK, and PCX injector.

Jk… I have to wait. space all the purchases out...
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