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BAYAREA California Checking in!

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Excited to join the group and forum. Lived in California for a while now. Put a deposit on a "RED" color one about a month ago. Cant wait to ride! Happy to meet everyone here, near or far!
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Welcome to the forum. The Grom will be a fun bike and this is a fun group of folks on here.
Welcome John.

San Francisco here reporting for duty.

Who else is out there in the Bay Area?
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Welcome! I'm just south of Santa Cruz. Not too far away to ride.
Congrats on the deposit and welcome to the forum!

I'm in the bay area too - in SF. I added myself to the map to make organizing easy. Hoping by August we have more GROM peeps. That's if they ship us moar bikes!

I'm in the bay area too - in SF. I added myself to the map to make organizing easy. Hoping by August we have more GROM peeps. That's if they ship us moar bikes!
Have read up on the forum that US will be limited amount per dealer. Don't know if East Coast will receive theirs first or West Coast. This is what happened to the CBR250. I guess it depends on Honda Corporate. Anyways, Thank you for the "High-Fives" California Love!
Hey guys, I'm up in Napa and I put a deposit on a red Grom.

I'm hoping we get enough Grom riders up here to have some fun at the kart tracks. At the very least we should be able to join the supermoto guys at Sonoma raceway kart track.
Sounds like fun! Might take some time to get there from San Jose, California. Need to take the back roads, can't go freeways. Might have to throw the Grom on my Honda RC51 as a passenger! :cool2:
I'm in San Bruno. I put a deposit on a black grom. Its going to be my 1st bike. New rider here.
Oakland, just put a deposit on a few weeks ago, finally signed up. Any eta when the first shipment will be in ca?
aug 15 or what the 21st/25th
all depends on the dealers status
number 9 on the waiting list in Hollister Calif at the Honda Dealer who is a Power house dealer, no money down required. Was told they will receive possible two or more. Power house dealers normally will get more Groms than the non-Honda Power house dealers. I was told first shipment to arrive last week of Aug with second shipment in Sept.

number 12 at the Sunnyvale Motor Cafe dealer, deposit $200 refundable, noticed they cashed the check already. No follow up or information from Sunnyvale store.

Experience in riding small MC in Northern Calif. I had a 1987 YSR-50 with mods, Tooney pipes, airbox mods, rejet, barnett racing clutch kit, thin head gasket, counter sprocket change. Clocked at 70mph top speed and felt like the bike was going to explode.

Rode from Sunnyvale Calif up the EL Camino all the way to South Francisco and back. It was fun but hard on the butt. Rode up Hwy 9 to Alice restaurant and back to Sunnyvale. Great small bike for Hwy 9.

Use to ride up Niles canyon road with a bunch of other YSR-50 riders of which some had modified their YSR-50 with bigger motors.

took my DMV Calif motorcycle test on the YSR-50 and passed the first time with no problems going thru the coarse that they had setup at the Santa Clara DMV.

Motorcycles that I ride now is my 99 Suzuki Hayabusa, 99 Kawi ZX6R and a few Harleys "FATBOY and Heritage"

Reason to get the GROM, it will fit in the back off my truck when I go on camping trips, long distance trip to other states or to Southern Calif, beer/lotto ticket run MC and teaching my friends how to ride a motorcycle.
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I too had a YSR-50 back in them days. I rode my YSR-50 from Milpitas to Mountain View DMV and took the actual "motorcycle course test" with it. The DMV course instructor was a little bit hesitant because of its size. Anyways passed the course with flying colors, got my "M1" license with the YSR-50.
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M1 licenses on the YSRs - You guys rock. :encouragement:
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