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Battery charger/maintainer

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Curious, as to what everyone is using, to keep their batteries maintained on their Monkey's.
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Battery Tender JR.
I have 5 of them for bikes and snowmobile.
I have a Noco Genius 1 which is very versatile and includes settings for 6 volt batteries and even Lithium ones. I wouldn't advise leaving any charger permanently connected though. Not only do they consume power at about 5 watts when not actually charging but they are also not necessarily the best thing for overall battery life. My own Grom has stood for a couple of months and the battery still shows good voltage so I reckon one charge per month is plenty.
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I run a Tusk TLFP-7L lithium battery...

It cranks over like no tomorrow, and has astonishingly little perceived voltage drop when the bike hasn't been run or left without being charged.

I recently got off the "Battery Tender" brand train, and now run two NOCO 4-bank chargers...

It charges and maintains everything I got... grom, monkey, ktm, yamaha, vespa, waverunner, RZR, FJ.. and effectively + automatically senses and sets the charge profile for flooded, AGM, or lithium. Leave them connected 24x7 when aren't being run. As roadster mentioned, they also make it with less banks... highly recommended!

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Are the factory batteries Gel, or Lithium, or what?
I tried a NOCO Genius 2D. Failed after three weeks.
Are the factory batteries Gel, or Lithium, or what?
old school flooded lead acid
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