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baseline dyno run cost, $80 San Jose, $50 Santa Clara for a Grom dyno run

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I need to get a baseline HP dyno run on my Grom before I do my upgrades, 170cc kit, air filter mod, Crowner cam, PCV and other small touches so I called around a few MC shops with in San Jose and Santa Clara and the shop in San Jose wants $80 dam kind of steep.

The shop in Santa Clara wants $50 which will include the first run baseline and another run after I install my upgrades, not bad and we did a test setup on his dyno machine and he was concern about the Grom fitting on the machine and being locked in place. His dyno machine had a couple of air vent unit tubs near the front wheel lock down and he also had a climate control setup type booth which was pretty cool looking. Dyno run is next week Thursday at 10am time frame.
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My local guy charges $45 for 3 pulls on the dyno. I'd love to see what my numbers are but I'm thinking that is a lot for this application... $80 and anything north of that is crazy.
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