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bar end removal help!

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I was trying to remove the bar ends so I can install some crg arrow bar end mirrors. I was planning on installing them with the adaptors but when I finally removed the bar end screws I am in able to get the adaptors in because the plug in the bars that the stock bar ends screw into are in there.

How do you remove this? Is it just a matter of getting a puller and pulling it out or do I have to drill it out?
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In the end:

Sprayed Windows under the grips, loosened up the levers to slide the grips 2-3" back away from the end of the bar.
Heated up the entire bar end and it finally loosened up. What a PITA.
Heat it up with a blowdryer for about 2 minutes. Screw will come right out.
61 - 62 of 62 Posts
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