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bar end removal help!

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I was trying to remove the bar ends so I can install some crg arrow bar end mirrors. I was planning on installing them with the adaptors but when I finally removed the bar end screws I am in able to get the adaptors in because the plug in the bars that the stock bar ends screw into are in there.

How do you remove this? Is it just a matter of getting a puller and pulling it out or do I have to drill it out?
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Those screws are hard to get off because of the evil lock thread design they used. It actually has cruel barbbed serrations that require impact tools to remove.

I had to modify my bar end mirror to be the right legnth but I just used the hole in the plug like Eurobeaner.
Any idea how to get the plug out that is pressed or welded into the end of the handlebars? I removed the Phillips screw easily with a small electric impact, but the plug that stock bar end screws into needs to be removed for my mirror. Maybe just peel the grip back and get a good set of pliers on it to work it loose?
You should weigh the effort to remove the plug vs. the effort to modify the mirror mount. I ended up just shaving a little off the mirror but yours may be different. Either way, its a small demolition job...
My mirror actually has its own plug that goes into the handlebar and then spreads out and tightens down when you screw the mirror in. So I either need to remove the stock plug or order new mirrors :/
Can you try like Eurobeaner suggests above and, instead of the expansion plug (just toss that part of it), just use the stock screw through the mirror end cap in to the bar plug?
....It's nice to still be able to push the Grom through doorways or tight passages if need be....
Push? Hell, I ride through straight through them in 3rd!
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