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bar end mirrors, no drilling no beating on them

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so i was in search of bar end mirrors, and looked like it should be easy enough. then i read you have to get a slide hammer or drill out the bars and so forth.

did some research and found out, and the reason i started this thread

Driven mirror bar end pieces screw right into the OE bar plug thingy.

so i just wanted to start an end all thread for when the next person searches bar end mirrors

about $18-20/ea

but IMO well worth the result and ease.

left easy peasy

right could take a few washers to shim it out, but that was the side i was beating on.

and lastly the part #

you'll need 2 if you're doing both sides

not sure if CRGs will work, i don't think they will
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haven;t ordered yet as i didn't know if this was going to work or not, should be here wed.

CRG arrows, had them on my last bike too.

found these pics, those are bolt on bars, i'm using OEM bars

they're pricey

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most def.
Got mirrors in, easy install

BUT left side lever hits base of mirror

Looks like short levers next

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Or another excuse to buy something, lol
Adj clutch lever out, got It too clear

Already ordered some chazzos, $30, all black

See how much wider then reg bolt Vehicle Automotive tire Tire Supermoto Suspension
on mirrors
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