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bar end mirrors, no drilling no beating on them

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so i was in search of bar end mirrors, and looked like it should be easy enough. then i read you have to get a slide hammer or drill out the bars and so forth.

did some research and found out, and the reason i started this thread

Driven mirror bar end pieces screw right into the OE bar plug thingy.

so i just wanted to start an end all thread for when the next person searches bar end mirrors

about $18-20/ea

but IMO well worth the result and ease.

left easy peasy

right could take a few washers to shim it out, but that was the side i was beating on.

and lastly the part #

you'll need 2 if you're doing both sides

not sure if CRGs will work, i don't think they will
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Thanks for the info, good option. Let us know when you get the mirrors installed.
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