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Ballon78 Bazzar EFI tuner / Charcoal Canister Delete MOD twist!! (improvement)

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I always like to try to improve on an install or a modification. I like clean installs and i usually find a better way to install most things while reading directions. Often ask myself why they write things that they do. The Bazzar instructions were great but like everything in life there was improvements that could be made!!! So as i was installing my Bazzar today i had a few simple ideas that work great if your also removing the useless Evap/ charcoal canister.

I used the rubber mounting to hold the Bazzar and it worked out awesome, vibration free and much better than how they recommend mounting it to the left side panel. Fits nicely and being rubber mounted is a huge plus. Also when you remove the left side faring you don't have to un velcro the tuner each time.
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Next was what to do with the over fill hose form the top of the tank and the vent line from the tank. I managed to reuse with out cutting the old car coal canister hoses and re route them perfectly.. Heres how.
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1. So the tank vent the small hose on top of tank gets re-routed on the right side and then down into the frame..

2. Remove the white plastic adaptor and the long thin hose from the canister and plug that into the large overflow hose in the top of the tank larger hose. Route that on left side along frame rail down through exciting hose holders as the canister was run and dumps out under bike by low spot on exhaust.

Whats nice is that its free and clean.
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Yes the Velcro option does not work to well over time..

This setup is simple and clean... Looks good..

I will be doing this this week! Thanks.
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