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It’s Morimoto sealed6

i picked this over others because the lens looked like an old school glass lens and it matched the style I’m going for. That was after I narrowed down based on specs and price. I forget the others I was considering but it had the turning assist but the cost was more than I wanted.

i just compared the specs to the koso and there is a big difference, you should check those out and compare. Also you should question why some don’t show an output/cutoff line. But if I were to give any advise at all it would be to stay away from Amazon/eBay knockoff lights or off-road lights like the chimera- you want to see at night but you also want to be seen and if you blind oncoming traffic then your not seen and potentially put yourself in more danger (if your blinding a car coming at you and get hit).

1st post has my cutoff/output shots
The Morimoto sealed6 does indeed seem to have a higher output than the KOSO Thunderbolt but I'm unable to find it Europe. I was wondering if you could share the complications regarding the mounting of the headlamp on the fork and if there are complications related to the waterproofing/arrangement of cables that were in the previous headlamp "box"? Thanks.

Have you changed the suspensions in the forks? I just had yesterday the Ohlins FDK100 cartridge installed and I didn't think I was gonna be able to tell but the difference is really noticeable. The suspension is musch more progressive and the dampening related to imperfections on the road is crazy.
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