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Many of autotune tutorials says to turn on autotune and ride for some time to create a complete map for e.g.:
Ride for 200ish miles, making sure your autotune graph is all green.
But when I start autotune the app shows only points from last 180 seconds.
Is the only last 3 minutes remembered or just application shows only measurements from this period to not spam graph?

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The graph refreshes, but the tune is being recorded.

You need to manually save the autotune after running it.

Before you shut down the motor, close auto tune and a prompt will appear asking if you wish to save. If you do, select yes.

There is more to it. This is from others on the site ... not my content below, but good guidance.

· Flash Map (170cc for anything bbk, stock for anything 125cc)
· Turn off by key, wait 20 seconds, key back on
· Reset TPS 3x
· Turn AutoTune ON
· Turn Closed Loop OFF
· Turn Fuel Cut Decel OFF
· Start bike and adjust your idle on the throttle body (located by the cables, it is NOT your air screw) You want 1600-1800 - idle for bbk to keep oil flow up.
· Once idle is set, Match it with aracers settings
· Go to your fuel base, Adjust it up or down until your idle AFR is between 12.0-14.0
· Mini5/RC2 Autotune kicks on at 61c where Mini+2 and RC1 turn on at 81c.
· Ride for 200ish miles, making sure your autotune graph is all green.
· Once your happy with the bike, Turn OFF autotune, turn ON closed loop.

AFR Values & Characteristics in Four Stroke Engines
6.0 AFR - Rich Burn Limit (engine fully warm)
9.0 AFR - Black Smoke / Low Power
11.5 AFR - Best Rich Torque at Wide Open Throttle
12.2 AFR - Safe Best Power at Wide Open Throttle
13.3 AFR - Lean Best Torque
14.6 AFR - Stoichiometric AFR (Stoich)
15.5 AFR - Lean Cruise
16.5 AFR - Usual Best Economy
18.0 AFR - Carbureted Lean Burn Limit
22.0+ AFR - EEC / EFI Lean Burn Limit
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