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Anyone in NJ have one? And My Grom Alternative

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I put my name down on the list during last summer at two dealers. Still haven't heard back from either one about my grom.( I have been in touch every month) Since then I have moved on to building my own z50/crf50 grom alternative but I am somewhat bummed that I never got to have my own.

I have been searching on local NJ craigslist to see if anyone has them for sale and only a few dealers have them posted. I called the dealers and they want upwards of 5500 for one bone stock!

Everytime I go to the local "jersey power sports" aka Monmouth cycles they (just sold the last one). I find this so frustrating because I was the second person on the waitlist back then and it seems that its more who you know not what number you were on the list.

anyways I'll post pictures on my grom alternative when its all done.

Here is what it looked like before I did a z50 10inch wheel conversion: Motorcycle Blue Vehicle Cobalt blue Automotive tire
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Liliston Honda in Vineland NJ has on right now was mine canceled and went to get one in Maryland good luck they had it last night. Tell them Joe told you about it.
The one in NJ is the one I told you about just go over the paper work and make sure your only paying the 125 freight and all is ok before signing initially they tried to charge me 250 for freight.
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