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Anyone in Colorado?

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Hey guys names marcos,
New to the grom world. I was looking into buying a ruckus "not leave it stock of course" but then my buddy who works at thehonda store introduced me to the grom and fell in love with it. Lucky me I only had to wait a week to get mine. I've been riding for about 13 years now and I must admit the grom is flat out FUN to ride. I live in Aurora Co and looking to meet more local grom ppl.
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There are several of us. I'm off smoky hill and tower, and I know another one is off arapahoe and parker road. Plus I keep getting random picture messages from my friends of groms they have spotted around town.

I actually put 2000+ miles on mine over the winter here in Denver. As for Utah? I'm taking mine to moab next week.
Hey is that you i saw a couple weeks ago on smoky hill road? white helmet? I live in that area as well. I ride mine everywhere, from aurora to denver to littleton.
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