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Hey all!

Deer season is around the corner, and now Kemimoto is offering you guys something about hunting!

Whether you’re a nature adventurer who likes exploring and observing the wilderness, a camping enthusiast, or you just simply want to enjoy your occasional hunting or fishing trip, this little night vision binoculars is gonna help a lot.
Clothing Camouflage Outerwear Military camouflage Military uniform

HD Video 1080p
IP54 Waterproof
6X large window magnifier
5W 850nm IR LED, 7 levels adjustable
2.5''(640*480)HD TFT LCD inner screen
3 meters~infinity view distance in low light
600 meters night vision distance in complete darkness
The brightness of the display screen can be adjusted in 7 level
Magnification 4X~16X, Optics Magnification 4X, Digital Magnification 4X

About this product
6X Magnification, 4X Digital Zoom and 24mm 8x Objective lens provide you with a crystal clear view.

7 different IR levels and a viewing range of up to 500-600m, easy to adjust.

Light Nature Black Automotive lighting Organism

Waterproof Design, IP54 waterproof provides you with protection assured against water splashing from any angle.

Newbie friendly, we provide you with everything you need for night vision binoculars accessories.

You’ll receive
1 x Military Grade Night Vision Binoculars, 1 x Case, 1 x Neck Strap, 1 x 32GB SD CARD, 1 x Data Cable, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Cleaning Cloth

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Here are some tips to choose a night vision binoocular
Ransom, based on your stated intended application, I would prefer the NVDepot BNVDs or the PVS-31s over the Sentinels for two reasons:
1. Longevity
2. Interpupillary correction (hinged vs dials)

If you have few budgetary limits, I would recommend the PVS-31's with the finest tubes you can purchase.
The 31's are also around 40% lighter than most other commercially available bino systems. Check for mo info here.

Roland is completely accurate regarding some of the new tubes' FOM ratings and performance...

It's freaking incredible.

Unfortunately, civilian/commercial purchases of a set of 31's with the newer filmless WP tubes are extremely doubtful this year and certainly next.
To further complicate matters, on the civy side, the NVDepot (with high quality thin filmed or film-less tubes) is now the best buy dollar for dollar (the Ford truck of NV right now). They are extremely durable, cost hundreds of dollars less than the 31s, and are part compatible with PVS-14s (which you already own). When the force didn't have enough PVS15s, they were a DoD COTS solution.

To be clear, I am not opposed to the Sentinels, but I despise the knob interpup adjustments.
When your helmet is jostled, they are too slow for me compared to the hinged kind, and I have damaged them on other types of NVG's when I bang into things (like wrestling a person who doesn't want to be murdered or flex cuffed, spalling/frag, sides of walls, vehicle doors, etc). I have a love-hate relationship with the ball detent mounting, so I won't say much about it except that it is a far more advanced method of mounting (and probably superior to the old club foot 1970's tech), but there's a reason why only SOF and Aviation have access to them compared to other ground forces.
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