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Just picked up a used 2022 grom with 2300 miles on it. I've maybe put 100 miles on it so far and have had no issues. Hopefully I don't have any, but if I do it is nice to know that the parts to replace the countershaft, second gear, and the bushing are only like 40 bucks: 2022 Honda GROM125 2AC TRANSMISSION | Babbitts Honda Parts House
And you really might only need the bushing.
Of course you'd need a case splitter, torque wrench, all the torque specs, a clean work space, and a bunch of sockets and stuff.

I forget where I read the issue, but it seems like it's the bushing that second gear idles on on the countershaft when in gears that aren't second. I wonder why this has been a problem for some groms? Is it that not enough oil is reaching this bushing at sustained high speed? Fix by overfilling the oil some? I've elected to run my oil level just over the top of the sight glass personally....
1 - 1 of 83 Posts