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Anudder From The Norfwet

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Hello all owner of a red Grom two days ago in Wenatchee Wa. Put 67 miles on it today and have a few goodies ordered for it.
Owned many bikes - this will be the campground party bike. :big smile::redgrom: Fun little carver for sure! Its the modern day Mini Trail 70, which is cool.
...Lots of good info here.
I'll post a pic or two when the parts trickle in. :smile: Whacked.
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Thanks. I'll post up a question or two on parts availability and legit vendors (not on this site) elsewhere.
Its been a long time since I've had so much fun under 45mph! :wink:
heh welcome to the grom addiction.. :)
Ya thanks! The first three days of ownership and parts have been ordered already.:crazy:
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