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Another Austin area Grom-rider-to-be

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I've been bike-less for a couple years now. I used to have a Triumph Speed 4 when I lived up in Dallas. After riding it for a few years I decided that everyone else on the road was trying to kill me and I sold it. I bought something nice and safe to replace it - a 125cc shifter kart. A few months after I bought the kart, I moved to Austin and didn't start the kart for 18 months.

I've been riding a Yamaha Zuma at work and decided I wanted my own bike again. Another guy at work turned me on to the Grom and it's JUST the thing I've been looking for. Mine will be used as a way to get around campus at work, not for commuting. I'm going to put a cargo rack and a hard case on the back so I can carry tools and stuff around. Eventually I'll even put some hard saddlebags on it, because 125cc bikes w/ 200# riders need MORE WEIGHT on them :)
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Hopefully, they will get some more in. The Kyle Kent PowerSports is your best bet. Several people on the forum bought there so check out what they paid so you don't over-pay. Heck though, if I needed storage, I'd stick with a scooter. The Zuma 125 performs about the same as the Grom. I own a Roughhouse 50 2-stoke and a Vespa300 for when I need cargo space. AF1 Racing in Austin sells and services scooters.
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