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An italian boy

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Hi. I'm italian and my english its very..... terrible.

But i want to make part of these community because i' m falling in love for the Honda Grom. (Called Msx on italy)

And i hope to Buy one as soon as possible.

I' m a very crazy for motorbike. I drive since i have 8 years and i have 32 year at these moment.

I have to drive little bike: Honda Nsr 125. Big bike: Honda CBR900RR. Medium bike: kawasaki er6n 650. Called ninja 650 in usa. E actually i have a big scooter..... for sale..... to get a Grom to have more fun.

Lamps to every bikers:hello2:
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Thanks to everybody.

In these days i read more thread of forum.

I see passion.
The same that i have.
Very good
Wlc to the board :)
Where in italy ?
I was at eicma last month did you go there ?
Hi. I'm from Varese. Near Milan...... the Eicma city ;)

I go sometimes to the motor show. But not these years.
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