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aloha from hawaii

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aloha grom world. I am currenly on a waiting list for a Grom as for i was told only 4 were sent to my island of Oahu for this year. Damn Honda they should have sent one hundred because our traffic already sucks as it is and we would benifit from small bikes. but it is what it is, sales tactics maybe.

but i gotta be patient untill i get that call. any other 808 grom riders out there and who are the lucky 4 who have them on oahu? id like to meet you. thanks and much mahalos from Oahu Hawaii. nice to meet everybody.

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Aloha and I hope the wait is not long.

I'm waiting here for my Grom and I've been waiting since June and had my name down at two diff dealers, Hollister MotorSports, Motor Sports Cafe in Sunnyvale Calif. A black Grom came in at Motor Sports Cafe which I had a $200 deposit down but the sales person would not come down to $3,600 OTD price since they wanted $4,100 so I asked for my deposit back.

The dealer in Hollister OTD price is $3,600 but they can't any orders in until after Dec 2013 or the first of the year Jan 2014. Hollister is 51 miles from San Jose Calif and I have contacted about 20 dealers in the Bay Area "Northern Calif" and the average OTD price is between $3,900-$4,500. I'm number 5 on Hollister's dealers list and they have only sold 2 Groms so far this year that I know of, one of which is my friend JohnGrom of Milpitas.

I found a dealer in Berkeley that will sell his Groms for $3,650 OTD which I'm taking a ride on my Hayabusa this morning to put my deposit down of $500 and I will be number 2 on his list.

Anyway don't get screwed on the OTD price and if you need any Grom parts or any other motorcycle parts my friend Pra owns Bombay Motor Sports in LA and he has good prices of stuff and ships out pretty fast he also carries GoPro cameras at really good prices. I've been buying parts for my 1999 Hayabusa and my 1999 Kawasaki Ninja 6r from him and all my HID light kits from him. His selection of Helmets are reasonably priced.
Bombay Motorsports Inc. Reseda, CA (818) 342-8585

I'm a transplant from Hilo Hawaii and went to Hilo High School and moved to San Jose after getting out of the Navy since all the High Tech jobs were in Silicon Valley and I've been working IT Windows/mac IOS, Cisco Switches/hub and network stuff.

Hey ride safe and if you are riding in the rain in Hawaii the stock Grom tires are not that good in the rain or wet roads
Say Hi to all the Local Chicks for me
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