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aloha from hawaii

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aloha grom world. I am currenly on a waiting list for a Grom as for i was told only 4 were sent to my island of Oahu for this year. Damn Honda they should have sent one hundred because our traffic already sucks as it is and we would benifit from small bikes. but it is what it is, sales tactics maybe.

but i gotta be patient untill i get that call. any other 808 grom riders out there and who are the lucky 4 who have them on oahu? id like to meet you. thanks and much mahalos from Oahu Hawaii. nice to meet everybody.

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Hi, welcome to the forum. I hope you don't have to wait too long to get your Grom. Have they told you how long it'll be?
I've never been to Hawaii, but it looks a gorgeous place to live. Really jealous of you, lol.

I was just wondering, do any of you know if the girl known as 808yewtube (on YouTube) is a member on here?
I believe 1GROM808 did some work on her bike recently, but not heard her mention this forum on her vblog.

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I don't know who this 808yewtube is but I want her Grom!!! ;) I just joined! :D
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